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New scheduling from September on the JAZZ channel

Welcome to the world of words, imagination, works of art and genres, that is to say to the new framework of JAZZ Television dedicated to literature. Our new programme will be divided thematically into the following 4 sections: New Books, Magazines, Publishers and TV Presentations, which will be supplemented with information on a regular basis. The literature section will be launched from September and will promote literature from around the world without interruption.

txt. Julia Wolińska

Okładka książki

New books

Here you will soon find new offer in the frame, in the theme of books, different genres, in the sphere of culture, take a look, and maybe you will be interested in any of the unveiling, presented by JAZZ Television. There will be an announcement for everyone.

Usługi drukarskie


Another section of the new JAZZ TV "Literature" is the publishing sphere, here you will find information on the promoted publications, or people or institutions that develop and publish works.



This time thanks to JAZZ TV you will find yourself in the world of press, from dailies to aperiodicals, everyone will find a magazine for themselves. Take a look at what's new waiting for you, and maybe you will find your favorite magazine.

Osobowość wideo

TV presentations

There will be books presented personally by a respected writer and people involved in the creation of the book.

Presentations will be in the form of short 5-15 minute segments that are new to the schedule.


From October, we will broadcast journalistic productions on the above four topics, it is possible to submit a proposal of your own episode or even a series. Please contact and read the PDF below.

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