New episodes from September on JAZZ.4K TV, we will watch a total of 20 episodes from each series.

The schedule will cover three topics related to musical equipment and carriers of all kinds, they will be broadcasts often combined with interviews of musicians who either record or promote their albums on the most advanced AUDIO systems.
We will carry out the programs at the requests of our viewers who have been demanding such topics for a long time, thank you in advance for the hundreds of e-mails that have come to us.

Nagrywanie muzyki


It is a program that will cover all areas related to the recording studio and sessions that are carried out in the studios we visit.

Episodes may include presentations of the best equipment used during recording sessions with musicians, there will also be episodes presenting new hardware and technical and historical curiosities.

Głośnik stereo


Episodes in this series will present top shelf equipment from the HI-END world and top shelf music sets from popular companies.

There will also be news from the world of LIFESTYLE AUDIO, the most developed market.

The first series will deal with HI END equipment and from October the remaining topics in episodes.

Płyta winylowa


This program also includes episodes presenting vinyls and other media, there will also be returns to the history of various audio media.

We will promote publications, also those that return to unusual media such as a cassette or a record postcard that returns to the shelves.




Sound postcards are an item dating back to communist Poland, especially the 60s and 70s, when the availability of real vinyl records was basically impossible. This square postcard with a picture was usually played on small gramophones, which was possible by its unique engraving, exactly like a record. Sound postcards, however, were not used for sending, they were most often a collector's item, even though they contained a space for a stamp and an address, which would make it possible to send them. Curiously enough, it used to be possible to make special postcards, in addition to ready-made cards, with a piece of music recorded on request, for example greetings. Today, postcards of this type are a relic of the past, a visually attractive object, their sound quality remains difficult to verify, due to a lack of equipment or poor sound quality. They are not a practical object, suppressed by modern technology, but undoubtedly have their value for collectors, history lovers and the generations for whom they are an object of memories from their youth.

text  Julia Wolińska